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A space for creative students to practise their art in a supportive and inspiring learning environment.

A few afternoons a week I like to step outside my studio to teach drawing to some very talented, and enthusiastic young students. Their focus and dedication is wonderful to witness, and I thoroughly enjoy the creative energy and fabulous ideas they bounce in with each week.

I run The Art Room in Miami, which offers a high quality of art education for children and mentoring for teens. Along with the benefits of increased focus, camaraderie with other creative kids and confidence/self-esteem building; I offer my experience and reference materials gathered during 30 years working as an illustrator, and 9 years of tutoring young creatives. 

I design the lessons to be fun and confidence-building which I see as extremely important qualities in developing young creative minds, and encouraging kids to keep practicing their skills.

I select the teachers who work alongside me very carefully so that the values I hold highly are respected and followed. Our students practice and learn in a colourful studio/gallery space, surrounded by art. We encourage them to feel at home there, like it's their own creative space to totally immerse themselves in each week.

Students of any ability level are welcome, and the only prerequisite is that they have a genuine interest in drawing and can focus for the two hours after school.

Ages: For beginners to budding artists aged 6 -18yrs.

Cost: $25 per 2hr class plus enrolment fee per term.
(All art materials supplied plus complimentary A3 Art Folder and A5 Sketch Diary.)

‘Come & Try’first lesson free. I offer a free trial lesson for students before they sign up for a term, to see if the class suits their needs and for me to see if they’re a good fit for the group. 

Content: Covering a variety of subjects using the three main types of drawing – Observation, Memory and Imagination. Lessons in Realistic, Still-Life, Animated Characters, Fantasy and Perspective Drawing.

Media: Students learn techniques in a variety of media: graphite and coloured pencils, watercolour and soft pastels.

Teachers: Susy Boyer and Laura Goodings (Weekly classes). Christine Donaldson (School Holiday Workshops).

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THE DRAWING SQUAD. (6-12yrs) Taught by Laura Goodings.

THE SENIOR DRAWING SQUAD. (9-13yrs) Taught by Susy Boyer.

THE ELITE DRAWING SQUAD. (High School Students) Mentored by Susy Boyer.

THE JUNIOR DRAWING SQUAD. (6-10yrs) Taught by Susy Boyer.

TIME: 3:45pm-5:45pm (Doors open at 3:30pm)

MATERIALS: All art materials are supplied including an A3 Art Folder and A5 Sketch Diary (bottomless). 


  • Students are welcome to bring an after-school snack and water bottle to keep their energy levels up and brain hydrated. This helps tremendously with their focus. I also have complimentary filtered alkaline water available in the studio.

  • I regard dedication to a practice as a very important life skill, and encourage students to honour their enrolment commitment (as much as possible) by completing the full term once signed up.

  • Missed classes must be paid for. (If requested, and if a spot is available, I will organise a make-up lesson in another group that week).

  • There will be one make-up class held each school holidays, open to any students that have missed a class.

  • On completing a full term students receive a Certificate of Accomplishment.

Class Raffle: Each term, one lucky student per class wins a wonderful prize pack of art materials.

FEES: Term 4 (9 wks)
Enrolment fee per term - $45 ($5 x 9 weeks) *Less if starting mid-way.
Weekly Class payment - $25
Payments are due on or before day of lesson. By EFT or Cash in student’s classroom envelope. (You can pay weekly, fortnightly, monthly or full term up-front...whichever suits you best.)

ADDRESS: THE ART ROOM Studio 6, Miami Business Centre. 
8 Kedron Ave Miami (Next door to Flannery's Health Foods, opposite Miami High School)

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The Gifts of a Regular Drawing Practice: In this fast-paced, techno, online world of iPhones and iPads children are losing (or never learning) some important skills essential for a balanced, healthy life. During my years of teaching art classes and holding workshops at schools, I've been able to see first-hand some amazing benefits derived from a regular drawing practice. It's something I've known from my own practice, but it was only through working with literally hundreds of kids, that I stumbled on a realisation that there was a lot more to what I was doing than just teaching drawing. 

Apart from helping children gain or improve their drawing skills, some of the added benefits are:

  • Improved Focus

  • Stillness

  • Quietness

  • Peaceful, calm nervous system

  • Increased fine motor skills

  • Becoming more observant

  • Mindfulness (being present)

  • Quietening of 'Monkey Mind'

  • A mental break from worries/stress/computers

  • Self confidence

  • Finding their 'tribe'

“I believe that everyone has the ability to draw well, but most of us don’t get a chance to learn how”. 

Young children have a natural love of drawing, painting and creating, but without being taught the skills and techniques followed by lots of guided practice as they grow, most kids eventually become frustrated because they aren’t able to draw the images they imagine in their heads as well as they want to. Sadly, this often leads to them giving up and labelling themselves as ‘just not good at drawing’. I meet so many adults who wish they could draw but were never shown how, so I hope that by teaching children I’m able in some small way to encourage a lifetime’s enjoyment from art.

AIM: In general, our primary school system doesn’t cater for art to be taught by specialist teachers (such as with Music or P.E.) so my aim is to fill that gap by providing drawing lessons for children after school. Teaching them skills which build their confidence and encourage them to practice.

TEACHING STYLE: I tend to pour a lot of creative and physical energy into each lesson, flitting between demonstrating techniques on the board to helping each child hands-on with their own piece. A busy, creative vibe builds up and soon we’re all in a state of flow, until suddenly the two hours is up! I get a great deal of personal joy and satisfaction from helping kids realise their own great ability. I’ll never forget a comment from a 12yr-old girl who beamed her pastel-smeared face at me and said “I didn’t know I could draw like that!”

BOOKING ENQUIRIES: Contact me directly for more information and to book in your child.

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The Art Room Elite Teens.jpg
The Art Room Junior Drawing.jpg
The Art Room Senior Drawing.jpg


Now and then I like to visit schools and hold workshops. Here I can use my hands-on knowledge and 35years experience as an illustrator and painter to offer Artist Talks, Lectures, Demonstrations and Art Workshops. 

Being very comfortable and familiar with the school environment, I have held art classes and workshops at over 60 schools throughout QLD and Northern NSW. I’ve taught students of all ages as well as Personal Development classes for teachers, demonstrating different drawing techniques and styles, usually in my favourite media of pastel, pencil and watercolour.

Particularly popular with students (and teachers) are my talks on Children’s Book Illustration. I use displays of my work to explain each step in the process, from the first correspondence between Publisher and Illustrator, through pencil roughs, finished artwork, printer's proofs and eventually to the bound book.

Contact me directly for more information and to book in a workshop.


After-school classes:

“Susy is highly motivated, creative and eager to share her fantastic skills with the children in her care. She is very organized, and displays responsible actions at all time. She is honest and reliable. The parents of the children attending Susy’s art classes speak highly of her management and dedication. Her warm personality expresses a calm and caring approach towards all she comes in contact with.”

Lynne Rohanna
Assistant Principal
St Augustine’s Primary School, Gold Coast QLD

“Susy was actively involved in teaching Visual Arts at Robina State School over a 10-year period. Her interactions with our students and staff have been at all times professional and warm, with her friendly, outgoing personality endearing her to the members of the school community. She is at all times punctual, well prepared and responsible and presents as a thorough professional. I have huge respect for her talents, her integrity and her genuineness.”

Susie Longton
Deputy Principal (Ex)
Robina State School, Gold Coast QLD

“Thank you for being such an inspirational teacher both in art and in the art of life lessons, through the creative way you teach...for each week, each term and each year I have watched you shape the creative spirit of our children. Riley has loved being part of the experience of art you create in the classroom and I have loved watching him thrive under your a parent that's all you can possibly ever wish thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for all that you are and all that you do!”

Leanne Armstrong
Gold Coast QLD

“Thank you Susy. You have no idea how important a role you play in my daughter’s life… you have a huge impact on her. Lucia takes your every advice on board and enjoys growing and exploring as an artist. I think it helps her believe in herself and expands her vision on life. It’s a much ‘richer’ life experience that you are offering to Lucia and all your students. We are all lucky to have you.”

Desha Welsh
Gold Coast QLD

“Thank you Susy, it’s wonderful that you provide these kids with a place to go and mix with other like-minded artistic children.” 

Sarah Slocombe
Gold Coast

“Thank you Susy for inspiring Evie...she always loves to come and has the best time, every week. I’ve loved watching her confidence grow both in art and in general because of her art.”

Carolyn Edwards
Gold Coast QLD

“Susy, you just bought a tear to my eye. So pleased you see the many beautiful parts of Marley. He is loving his drawing classes and we feel very lucky we somehow stumbled across you on the internet one day.” 

Lisa Foster
Gold Coast QLD

“We appreciate all you do Susy, and your passion for art and encouragement flows through to the entire class.”

Julie Kirkman
Gold Coast QLD

“THANK YOU so much.... I love the peaceful girl who comes home to me after art class. Many thanks for the fantastic influence your class has had on Izzy's development as a relaxed, calm little adult. Wednesday night has been precious for years now.” 

Helen Cameron
Gold Coast QLD

School Workshops:

Guardian Angels’ School Workshop:

“Hello Susy, A big thank you for your presentation to our classes of years two and three last Tuesday. The students were engaged and seemed to enjoy it all, as well as learning how to illustrate certain things. The teachers were very impressed and that is important to me. Their class time is too precious to have it wasted. Some of them copied your ideas and plan to use them. It was a very successful visit. Thank-you very much and all the best.”

Anne Flanagan
Guardian Angels’ School
Brisbane QLD 

Townsville Schools Tour for Books North Festival:

“Susy was fantastic!! Her talk/workshop was great and the kids really enjoyed it. I even did some drawing. She was really enthusiastic, easy-going, relaxed and fun, and I would certainly recommend her to any school. In fact I'd like to have a "Festival of Favourites" and she'd be on the top of my list to get back again.” 

Shan Boller
City Libraries
Townsville, Nth QLD

The Silkwood School Art Workshop:

“Hi Susy, Thank-you for coming to our classes and inspiring us once again. I had all their art laminated and up on the windows when they came in this morning and they were so excited to share it with their families. I personally loved the session and look forward to doing more chalk pastel work and shading with the children”.

Cynthia Gordon
The Silkwood School, Gold Coast QLD