Banksia Fruit

Banksia Fruit

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“The gorgeous, sage-green fruit of the Coastal Banksia tree is incredibly beautiful. Velvety little seed pods nestle into the stem, like flying saucers docked on the mother ship. Their random arrangement and plump, curved forms create a fascinating sculpture that begs to be drawn. I pocketed this piece on a bush-walk, and was grateful to the Black Cockatoos feeding above for snapping it off to land at my feet! A gift because these ripe fruit pods are often way out of reach and don’t fall until dried out and empty.”


This is a hand titled and signed open edition fine art giclée print of an original artwork by Susy Boyer. It is of museum-grade, archival quality, printed using genuine Epson inks on heavyweight 310gsm acid-free 100% cotton rag. This combination of ink and paper ensures the longevity and ink fidelity of the print.

Printed in Australia.

* NOTE: Frame not included (for illustration only)

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